A unique model of higher education

Northeastern University is for people who want to solve problems in the world. Fueled by our renowned global experiential learning model and use-inspired research enterprise, we equip our students, faculty, and partner organizations to become the creative, nimble, practical problem solvers our world needs, in Silicon Valley, the Bay Area, and beyond.


What sets us apart

We’re highly interdisciplinary

We bring together learners and innovators from all disciplines and sectors to solve problems holistically.

We’re powered by experience

We go out into the world to gain experience in order to deepen our learning and innovation.

We’re self-starters at heart

Enterprising and creative, we bring a results-oriented mindset to solving today’s big challenges.

We’re an inclusive community

We value everyone’s perspectives, and we champion racial and gender equity.

We have a global mindset

Learning and research are richer and more informed for the places we go, the cultures we experience, and the communities with whom we work.

A diverse, inclusive university

Northeastern is deeply committed to building a diverse and inclusive community and taking actionable measures to eradicate systemic racism and injustice. Read our action plan.