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The Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS) with a Blockchain Technology specialization puts you on track for career growth with one of the technology industry’s newest and most compelling innovations. Also known as distributed ledger or distributed consensus technology, this field offers you the opportunity to take a sociotechnical approach to software engineering. Learn how complex systems of networks of mediated businesses and entities will be designed and built.

Innovative Curriculum

This specialized MSIS degree is an evolution in the long-standing tradition of Northeastern’s College of Engineering: creating professional leaders capable of finding complex engineering solutions to real-world, humanistic problems.

In this MSIS program, you’ll learn how to build distributed ledger applications that automate the operations of streamlined, mutually beneficial, densely networked business relationships. To strengthen your skills, you’ll study examples of the delivery of trust in multiparty business relations through digital platforms and collaborate with distributed consensus (blockchain) technology leaders on real-world case studies. You’ll also gain the important communication and project management skills you need to become a well-rounded leader, architect, and driver of distributed ledger technology innovations.

We also encourage students to plan internships or co-ops as part of their time at Northeastern, and the course is structured to allow flexible scheduling to accommodate work placements.

Who should apply?

This degree is ideal for software engineering professionals working in or relocating to the Bay Area—the heart of the world’s high-tech industry—who want to stand out in their field by positioning themselves at the forefront of a new paradigm in computing. If you already have a development job and want to advance in the innovation track, Northeastern’s MSIS degree with a Blockchain Technology specialization can kickstart a new, exciting phase in your career.

Course format

The MSIS Blockchain Technology specialization is offered in person at our Silicon Valley campus, with the option to take several online courses taught at the Boston campus. Students may study full time or part time. The program is 32 semester hours and may be completed in two years with a full-time schedule or longer to accommodate flexible scheduling.

Program goals

Northeastern’s MSIS program is dedicated to preparing you with the complex skills you need—programming, design, and architecture, as well as strong communication and leadership abilities—to succeed in the rapidly changing technological and business world of today and the future.

You can tailor your degree to your skills and interests through a robust list of electives, and you’ll become skilled in cutting-edge industry tools, including the Solidity programming language, frameworks like web3.js for front-end secure interface programming, uPort for identity management capabilities, and the Ethereum platform.

Career outcomes

Our graduates are hired by industry leaders and companies large and small in industries all over the globe.

Recent graduates are working in fields that include:

● Software design and development
● Business intelligence
● Product management
● Data architecture
● UI/UX design
● IT management
● Machine learning and AI
● Full-stack engineering
● Blockchain and smart contracts

The Bay Area metro region is one of the most well-compensated job markets for engineers, with the median income 119–122% higher than the national average.*

*CompTIA, 2022


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